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10 Pocket-sized Self Defense Weapons

self defense weapons pocket sized

This post is originally authored at the home security blog at family + home security.

1. Pepper Spray
Pepper spray is one of the most popular self defense products. Most pepper spray products use an active ingredient called oleroresin capsicum, also called OC. This ingredient is derived from hot peppers, usually of the cayenne variety. Since pepper spray is a substance that causes an inflammatory response it is effective even against attackers that might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Pepper spray causes inflammation of the mucous membranes, which restricts breathing, vision and may cause feelings of disorientation. You can find out more about pepper spray by reading our article on “Defensive Pepper Spray: A Buyer’s Guide“.

2. Pepper Gun
A pepper gun uses the same active ingredients as pepper spray, but with a different delivery method. The pepper gun is similar in appearance to a flare gun, with a plastic handle and a wide barrel. However, the cartridge loaded into the barrel produces a constant stream, reaching around 25 feet. Some pepper spray guns also have a trigger-activated LED light, which also helps to confuse potential attackers.

3. Telescopic Baton
Telescopic batons are also sometimes called “Expandable Batons”, or “Collapsable Batons”. When collapsed, the baton is usually about the length of a pencil, and about the diameter of a quarter. To extend the baton, you simply tap the end, and flick downward in a rapid motion. This extends the baton to roughly three times its length. This baton can be used in self-defense situations in which you need to quickly incapacitate your attacker.

4. Keys
If you find yourself unarmed in a dangerous situation, you can use your car or house keys as a small self defense weapon. Grasp your keys in your fist, so that the pointed ends of the keys extend out between your fingers. In a bad situation, they can potentially cause damage to your attacker, allowing you enough time to escape.

5. Personal Alarm
A personal alarm is a battery-powered device that emits a loud siren or alarm. These alarms are usually one-touch button operated, though may have a safety feature which prevents them from going off accidentally. A personal alarm can alert nearby people that you are in trouble, or can also momentarily distract your attacker, allowing you to escape. Most personal alarms are small enough to be kept in a pocket or purse.

6. Stun Gun
A stun gun is an electronic device that works to momentarily paralyze or incapacitate your attacker. Many people mistakenly call all stun guns “Tasers”, which is simply the name of a popular stun gun brand. There are several different types of stun guns, which have specialized delivery methods. For more information about stun guns, you can read our post on “Defensive Stun Guns: A Buyer’s Guide“.

7. Hairspray
If you’re caught in a bad situation without pepper spray, you can improvise with a small can of hairspray or perfume. While not nearly as effective as pepper spray, hairspray can be useful for distracting your attacker momentarily. Try to aim for your attacker’s eyes, as this is where hairspray will be most effective.

8. S.A.P. Gloves
S.A.P. gloves are a type of leather glove that has been enhanced with steel filling. These gloves can give you an edge in a self defense situation, due to the steel plating that is fixed to the outer edge of the glove’s fingers. However, it’s extremely important to remember that your primary focus in a self defense situation should be escaping to a safe location. The effectiveness of S.A.P. gloves can be enhanced if you already have some martial arts training.

9. Cell Phone
If you’re in danger, your chances of escaping are increased if you can alert authorities of your situation. However, sometimes attackers are deterred simply if you are speaking on your cell phone to someone else. Most criminals operate only when they believe that they won’t be caught or held accountable for their actions. Always keep a cell phone in your pocket or purse, just in case.

10. MAG Flashlight
MAG flashlights are a type of sturdy flashlight that are often carried by law enforcement officialls. They are constructed of a sturdy aluminum alloy, which allows them to be used as a defensive weapon in bad situations. However, even the smaller size MAG flashlights can be useful for blinding or distracting your attacker.

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