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3 Best Selling Self Defense Books

self defense books

When it comes to self defense, many people don’t view books as being a useful tool for practical application. However, reading a self defense book may actually help you refine novice self defense techniques, or form a strong foundation for more advanced techniques. Here are three of the bestselling self defense books, each of which also has a high rating among readers.

Attack Proof: The Ultimate Guide to Personal Protection

This guide is designed to emphasize the “real world” applications for self defense techniques. There are countless self defense books that claim to provide you with the most effective methods to defend yourself. However, many of these guides emphasize flashy finishing techniques, neat-looking combos and other things that aren’t essential for defending yourself. One of the unique features of this book is that it focuses on the importance of “awareness”, and how essential it is to be aware when defending yourself.

Customer reviews of “Attack Proof” were mixed on if it was suitable for beginner students of martial arts. Some readers seemed to think that the techniques were too complicated for people that didn’t have previoud experience in martial arts. However, many “beginners” made convincing arguments that since “Attack Proof” focuses on practical techniques, it is very easy to pick up.

Another positive feature (in reference to self defense) of this book is that it doesn’t suggest that you use your newly acquired martial arts skills as an offensive skill. Instead, the author of this book only suggests that you attack when you are left with no other options. As novice martial arts students may become badly injured due to overconfidence in their abilities, many readers saw this principle as positive.

Complete Krav Maga: The Ultimate Guide to over 230 Self-Defense and Combative Techniques

Krav Maga is a street-fighting skill-based style that was first developed by Imi Litchenfeld. Krav Maga was developed in the 1940’s, and has been refined into the unique fighting style that we know today. One of the main principles of Krav Maga is “Threat Neutralization”.

“Complete Krav Maga” isn’t simply a training manual, however. It also includes a special physical conditioning workout program, in order to ensure that students of this martial art are in top physical form. It also includes hand-to-hand combat techniques, maneuvers for weapon defense, fast escapes from holds, as well as how to counterattack.

This book is appropriate for both novice and experienced students of martial arts. The way the book’s layout is organized, a student will begin by learning the simpler techniques, and use them as a foundation for more advanced techniques later on. There are also many pictures in this book, illustrating the proper execution of certain moves.

Readers of “Complete Krav Maga” have mostly positive feedback. This book has a 4 (out of five) star rating on

Fight Like a Girl… and Win: Defense Decisions for Women

It’s no secret that women deal with situations of violence with a different mindset than men. However, it’s rare to find a book that truly addresses these differences. “Fight Like a Girl” not only emphasizes practical defensive maneuvers for women – it also deals with the psychological process of dealing with a violent person. It’s natural to ask yourself “How far am I willing to go to protect myself?”, and this book addresses that issue with a very comprehensive approach.

The book “Fight Like a Girl” uses a list of 26 decisions that a woman can use to potentially save her own life. These include “Decide to Act on Your Instincts” and “Decide to Recognize the Threat of the Initial Attack”. The practical information in this book, combined with the psychological coaching and the victim success/failure stories, is very effectively targeted at women. This book currently has a 5 (out of 5) star rating on


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