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A New Kind of Security Device: the iPad

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On June 21, rapper of the Black Eyed Peas had a bad, bad night. left his Bentley parked in Hollywood Hills where a thief found and broke into it. The thief stole $10,000 worth of the rapper’s belongings including jewelry and an Apple iPad.

Using the iPad’s tracking device, figured out the thief’s location and gave police the information. Although the burglar got away, the police found and returned some of’s stolen belongings. The police say they are close to making an arrest.

After his stolen goods were recovered, explained that he accidentally left his car unlocked. The shiny, new iPad was too tempting to whoever walked by. When discovered he had been robbed, he activated the “find my iPad” function and quickly located the thieves. wrote, “The lesson here is never steal technology.” Perhaps he should add lock your doors and there is an application for everything to the lessons learned.


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