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Budget Home Security Tip: Meet Your Neighbors-Hermosa Beach Locksmith

Meet Your Neighbors

This post is originally authored at the home security blog at family + home security.

Effectively protecting your home against unwanted intruders can involve installing alarm systems, motion detectors, a monitored security system and other types of high-tech sensors. However, many people underestimate how valuable it can be to get to know your neighbors. Becoming acquainted with them has many benefits, some of which can actually help protect your home’s security.

Why Should I Meet My Neighbors?

Getting to know your neighbors allows you to adjust to living in a community, and gives you a social network to rely on in times of need. Having friends in a community helps you to feel more comfortable, and also promotes a feeling of safety. However, being acquainted with them also has several other benefits directly related to the security of your home:

  • Knowing your neighbors makes them more likely to alert you or the police of suspicious behavior around your home.
  • If you’re acquainted with many people in your community, you are less likely to be targeted by a local thief.
  • If your home is burglarized, you will have a strong support system to help you recover.
  • If a neighbor suspects there’s a fire in your home, they are more likely to call the fire department.
  • Knowing your neighbors (and their children) makes you less likely to be a target for vandalism.
  • Becoming a well-known member of a community motivates others to look out for the safety and security of your home.

How Can I Meet My Neighbors?

Unfortunately, many people in today’s society are content to simply remain isolated within their community. Depending on where you live, you may have neighbors that are distrustful or unfriendly towards strangers. However, there are still many ways that you can build strong relationships with other members of your community.

Be Friendly
This seems like it should be a given, but the importance of being friendly and approachable can’t be overemphasized. Even if you get a bad first impression of your neighbors, it’s essential that you remain personable and friendly. However, until you get to know your neighbors better, it’s also important to exercise a bit of caution. Don’t allow them to enter your home while you’re not there, and be cautious about lending money to anyone that you haven’t known for long. As long as you don’t let being cautious prevent you from being friendly, you can get to know your neighbors in a safe manner.

Attend Community Events
One way to get to know other people in your neighborhood can be to attend community events. Many housing complexes and apartment communities hold regular events to help promote good relationships between residents. These events may be in the form of a bake sale, holiday party, movie night or volunteer activities. Though getting to know new people can be a bit intimidating, consider taking your family to one of these events. Even if you already know a few people in your community, it’s always beneficial to get to know new people.

Join a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ Program
Many communities have a ‘Neighborhood Watch’ team that helps to protect residents. Getting involved in this program can not only allow you to meet other people in your community – it allows you to help keep your home safe as well! If your community doesn’t have a Neighborhood Watch program, you may want to talk to one of the leaders or administrators in your community about starting it yourself.

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