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When we sit down and talk about investing our hard earned dollars the majority of us would want to be talking to an individual who posses a great knowledge in their field.  A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) has taken a multitude of classes and test in order to demonstrate that they have a solid background in finance.  A lawyer passes the BAR exam, a contractor must pass a test with the state license board, and a locksmith who chooses to demonstrate proficiency will become a Certified Master Locksmith.

Certified Master Locksmith (CML)

The highest level of locksmith certification is Certified Master Locksmith (CML).  A Certified Master Locksmith has reached the highest level of Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA) Proficiency Registration Program and has successfully demonstrated proficiency in ninety percent of the available categories of the Proficiency Registration Program.  A CML has advanced knowledge of most areas of locksmithing and electronic security.

Here are the categories that a CML must pass in order to achieve their certification.

· Codes and Code Equipment
· Cylinder Servicing
· Key Blank Identification
· Key Duplication
· Key Impressioning
· Professional Lock Opening Techniques
· Lockset Functions
· Lockset Servicing
· Basic Master Keying
· Cabinet, Furniture and Mailbox Locks· L-03 Domestic Automotive
· L-04 Foreign Automotive
· L-05 Door Closers
· L-07 Life Safety Codes
· L-08 High Security Cylinder Servicing
· L-11 Special Application Cylinder Servicing
· L-12 Tubular Key Cylinder Servicing
· L-13 Basic Electricity
· L-16 Exit Hardware and Exit Alarms
· L-20 Keyless Mechanical Locks
· L-21 Lever Tumbler/Non-Safe Deposit Locks
· L-22 Motorcycle Locks
· L-24 Safe Combination Locks· L-25 Safe Deposit Locks
· L-26 Time Locks
· L-28 Lockset Installation
· L-31 Advanced Master Keying
· L-32 Safe Installation
· L-33 Safe Opening and Servicing
· L-38 Small Format Interchangeable Core
· L-39 Large Format Interchangeable Core
· L-40 Electromechanical Access Control
· L-41 Related Door Hardware
· L-42 Alarms
· L-43 Detention Locking Systems

So what does this mean?  At the end of the day the locksmith you choose is going to be paid just like your financial planner, lawyer or contractor.  Would it not make sense to hire a locksmith that has gone the extra mile to certify themselves as a Certified Master Locksmith.  Our CML’s are happy to assist you in all your locksmith and security needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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