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He Stole What? – A Collection of Odd Thefts

fire hydrant

Florida – On June 24, police arrested Adrian Sconeirs, 42, and Randall Key, 55, for trying to steal a fire hydrant. When police arrived on the scene, the two men were removing the metal pipes and attempting to take the fire hydrant. They planned on selling the stolen parts as scrap metal for $60. The pipes and hydrant are actually valued at $500. The arrested men both have $3,000 bonds.

Mississippi – A judge sentenced Darnell Wilson to three consecutive life sentences after a Kohl’s employee caught him stealing bras. After stuffing bras and other clothing into a garbage bag, Wilson fled the scene and after leading the police in a car chase, the police used spike strips to stop Wilson. He has been arrested 18 previous times for various crimes including robbery and kidnapping. According to Fox News, Mississippi prosecutors can combine felony arrests with other states. The judge did this in order to define Darnell Wilson as a habitual offender and put him behind bars for life.

Pennsylvania – Three men stole a radar detector, a DVD player and sunglasses from vehicles in Pennsylvania. They tried to break into another vehicle, but they triggered the car alarm. Two of the men walked away while the other man lingered at the car. When the police arrived, they arrested the man and found the other two nearby. They were lost and couldn’t find their getaway car.

Florida – Machael Cavagnaro, 58, and his son Michael Jr., 32, are on trial for stealing lobster traps and the contents of the traps. Prosecutors claim that the Cavognaros had 20 stolen lobsters on their boat. They have each been charged with a third-degree felony. The father and son face a maximum $5,000 fine and 5 years in prison.

North Carolina – Sara Elizabeth Hefferon, 26, faces larceny charges after stealing an oboe during a middle school band concert in March. The oboe was worth $6,800. Two months later, Hefferon sold the oboe to a music store. An employee notified police and gave them Hefferon’s name and address. After the police arrested and charged Hefferon, they released her into parental custody.


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