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While shopping for a gun safe, you may find that you aren’t quite sure what to look for. One thing to keep in mind is that many security features offer more piece-of-mind than actual resistance against break-ins. A safe’s digital lock is a component that can help prevent burglaries if the proper security features are included.

A digital lock can be very secure, if properly constructed. The exterior portion of the digital lock should only contain a source of power (such as a battery) and a chip which sends the combination into the lock body located in the interior of the safe. It is vital that anything that stores memory, activates the lock, or pertains to the security of the safe is stored inside the safe. Cheaper safes often have digital locks in which all electronics are stored in the outer keypad with power wires leading into the safe. These safes can be unlocked by simply splicing the wires directly into the battery.

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