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Home Safe Terms You Should Know – Relocker – Redondo Beach Security Products

While shopping for a home safe, you will more than likely come across lingo which you may have little to no familiarity with. Over the course of this blog, we will define these terms that will prove useful while buying a home safe.


A “relocker” is a locking mechanism separate from the primary lock mechanism, which secures the bolt work if force is applied to the safe. If a thief is using various tools such as crowbars or drills to break into the safe, the impact from these tools will trigger the spring-loaded relocker, relocking the safe and adding significant time to the break-in attempt. Once the relocker has been fired, it is unlikely that you will be able to unlock the safe without the aide of a locksmith.

Most safes have at least one relocker, while some more advanced models may have two or three. When buying a home safe, one should strongly consider a model with a relocker due to the added security and time against theft.

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