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Blackberry for Security?

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How to Use Your Blackberry For Remote Internet Surveillance
Technology enables some fantastic capabilities. Find out how to watch a video feed from a camera half way around the world on your blackberry or other device with internet capability. Read on to learn more. (More)

Security Cameras – Affordable Video Surveillance Systems
There are ethical questions that you will want to address within yourself regarding privacy and such. Once you’ve got your guidelines set, you will find that hidden video cameras offer you the most incredible opportunity to catch stealing employees, photograph potential burglars and stalkers, catch an unfaithful spouse, a troublesome animal or fix any number of problem situations. (More)

20 ways to keep your self safe.
20 ways to keep yourself safe Here are 20 tips that may help you protect yourself from becoming a victim of sexual assault. – 1. Try not to isolate yourself or your location Day or night when you are… (More)

Ensure a Fire-Free Holiday
The holidays are here! Now that the holidays are here we find that many Americans will be spending loads of time at home with family and friends. In the midst of all the holiday fun it is important th… (More)

Window Security Bars for the Home
To some window security bars may seem tacky, but to others the bars may provide a sense of security that they need to sleep at night. No matter your opinion, it is very apparent that window security bars are a visual deterrent to a would-be-burglar. If you have these bars in place a thief will be less likely to want to choose your home to break into. Bars tell the bad guys that your home is not an easy mark, move onto the next one. (More)

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