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Datatool Helps to Protect Your Bike
Protecting one’s belongings is one of the most important things a person can do, especially in this modern day and age where criminals seem to be getting smarter by the minute. Whether those belongings are items which belong in the house, the garden or are your vehicles sitting on the drive, it is essential that these are properly protected against theft and damage wherever possible. Luckily, as criminals get smarter, so does technology, so the battle to keep them at bay continues. (More)

Are Safes Really Safe?
Unforeseen events such as flood, fire, earthquakes can cause sudden destruction to life and valuable assets. Important documents can be lost and damaged forever just because it is not properly secured and well kept. However, you can ensure that your most valuable possession is safely hidden with security safes. But you can’t always avoid raising the question, are safes really safe? (More)

Wireless Surveillance Camera Alleviates Installation Time
Many companies use what is called Siamese camera cables to connect their security cameras into their system, which has the coaxial cable and the power wire together in one length of cable. However, as… (More)

Home Security While on Holiday – Burglar Deterrent CD
An apartment or a house that presents itself as unoccupied is far more likely to be targeted by burglars than one which is properly secured. Absence of noise will attract burglars. While you cannot be home all of the time, you can use a home security solution that works for you around the clock. It is easy to use burglar deterrent CD, with recorded household sounds, that fills in your home with everyday noises and instantly alarms the burglar that someone is in. If you remove opportunity, you will prevent the burglary. (More)

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