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Home Security Systems Adopted from Airports

airport security cameras

Have you ever wanted airport security for your home? You may not want metal detectors or rules that only allow your guests in with a little baggie of three ounce liquids, but the video cameras and technology used at airports is now being adapted for home security systems.

The company Cernium is working on transitioning airport security systems for home use. For instance, airport security systems monitor irregular movement. If a person tries to sneak past screening, the security system will pick up on the movement. The security system for homes does the same thing. If a burglar is trying to sneak past cameras, the system automatically sends an alert and even a video clip to the consumer’s cell phone or email. This eliminates the need for third parties or home individuals to constantly watch security footage. Cernium’s president, Craig Chambers, told The Washington Post that the system “uses computers to watch the video instead of having consumers do it.”

Cernium offers a variety of products. They have webcams that can monitor rooms inside the home (nannies for example or to make sure children are doing their homework). Exterior cameras can be set to send alerts if movement is detected within certain times of the day. Their product Check Video reduces false alarms through video alarm verification but still alerts users when a person or vehicle appears. The ExitSentry detects wrong movement of people and objects; this type of security is best for public areas.

Cernium products were introduced to, and in the fourth week of June, they ranked number two on the site for security system products. has also started stalking Cernium security system products, and they hope to be selling the products in stores soon.

This isn’t the first kind of technology that has first been developed for government use and later modified for consumer use. Trey Hodgkins, the vice president for national security, told The Washington Post, “There are literally thousands of products developed for government that found a consumer niche. GPS is a great example of technology created for military use that has evolved for consumer use.” As technology continues to advance, it is certain Cernium’s security systems won’t be the last thing transitioned from government use to consumer use.


This post is originally authored at the home security blog at family + home security.

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