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Don’t be the next victim of the ever growing locksmith scam.  I have customers calling everyday to come out and repair what a local competitor has damaged.  Many of these locksmiths will bait you with ultra low quotes over the phone.  They come to your car or home and refuse to work unless you pay first and at a much higher rate than originally quoted.  See video below for more information:

So how do you protect yourself from this type of crime.  Regardless of whether you found the locksmith listed on the internet or in the yellow pages you should have the operator verify their address, if they cannot do so then move on to the next locksmith.  Many of these scams are ran from a call center in New York or Florida that then dispatches an unlicensed “locksmith” to your location.  They spend thousands of dollars every month advertising multiple listings in the yellow pages and through Google.  Check out how they are taking advantage of Google maps: Locksmith Scam.  They might go by the name dependable lock or emergency locksmith, some have even been as bold as to steal other locksmiths names and listings on Google maps in order to take over that geographic location.

Check references, ask for referrals from your real estate agent or friend.  Manhattan Beach and South Bay cities have been getting hit with this locksmith scam for almost a year.  Be wary and do your homework.

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