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Personal Protection

Some historians believe that 12,000 years ago, emigrants from Siberia traveled across the Bering Land Bridge into what is today known as Alaska. However, they weren’t alone. They brought with them hundreds of sled dogs, which is suggested to be the earliest form of dog domestication. Today, dogs are mostly kept as companions, work animals and family pets. However, some people keep dogs for a different reason – to have an animal bodyguard.

What is a Personal Protection Dog?

A personal protection dog is an animal that is trained to protect against suspicious activity. These dogs are often subjected to very specific training, and may only obey spoken commands from a single person. Some personal protection dogs are “Bluff Dogs“, which are only designed to intimidate a person engaging in suspicious behavior. “Bluff Dogs” are often trained to bark, growl, lunge and engage in characteristic aggressive behaviors upon command. Other protection dogs are called “Man Stoppers“, which are trained to detain and hold a suspect until help arrives. “Man Stoppers” are dogs that can identify aggressive behavior in humans, and will attack upon command. Depending on your personal protection needs, you may choose to train a dog in either of these specializations.

Misconceptions about Protection Dogs

Many people mistakenly believe that personal protection dogs are constantly aggressive, and can’t be safely socialized in a family environment. However, with the proper training, a personal protection dog can also be a loving, affectionate and loyal family pet. The “attack dog” image causes many people to forget that protecting their “pack” is actually an inherited canine instinct. Dogs are naturally defensive of their pack-mates, and engaging in personal protection training may actually help you to strengthen your bond with your dog.

Protection Dog Breeds

Not all dog breeds are able to exhibit aggressive protective behavior. Some dogs have been selectively bred for specific breed-based traits over time, which may have caused their protective instinct to become less dominant. Here is a short list of dog breeds that can be effectively used as personal protection dogs:

  • German Shepherd
  • Doberman
  • Pit Bull
  • Rottweiler
  • Akita Inu
  • Bullmastiff
  • American Bulldog
  • Fila Brasileiro

Training a Personal Protection Dog

Due to the liability of keeping a dog that has the ability to obey attack commands, it’s strongly encouraged that personal protection dog training be done by a professional. Many dog trainers have a separate course for protection dogs. In order to be a protection dog, however, it’s essential that a dog first pass basic obedience classes. A dog must be completely obedient to their master in order to prevent them from attacking when unprovoked. The laws are very strict in regards to dog attacks – the dog’s owner is nearly always liable.By taking on the responsibility of keeping a personal protection dog, you are required to take every measure necessary to ensure that your dog will not cause unprovoked harm to others.

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