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Its not hard to see that the beauty of this area of Southern California is great, our beach cities and the Homes we live in have become a huge painted target to thief’s.   Nice cars, beautiful homes and the other luxuries that we flaunt are all targets.  Now if we take into account that crime has a potential to increase in the next few years due to the cutting of our state and local budgets for law enforcement than a homeowner needs to take heed.


When it comes to our daily lives we rarely take the time to evaluate our own security levels.  Lets take a moment and look at something as simple as our front door and the level of security that an average person would have.  50 years ago there was not much need for a Manhattan Beach locksmith.  Homeowners frequently would leave their doors unlocked and head out for a weekend vacation knowing nothing of what might happen in today’s age.  Even in today’s modern society there are those of us who come home and will leave the front door wide open.

Original Front Door

So with a traditional residential lockset you are looking at Five to Six pins in your lock that can consist of pins ranging in height in order to fit the different heights cut onto your key.  These traditional keyways operate in a single plane, meaning that the pins only go up and down.  Once the pins align at the top of the keyway the cylinder will turn allowing you to open your door.  There are many different techniques used by both professional locksmiths and criminal, one that has gained popularity with criminals is called “Bumping.”  Bumping works by kinetic energy being transferred from a device striking a special key causing the pins inside the cylinder to move away from the key and travel up towards the keyway.  Here is a short video that first shows how a traditional keyway operates with the correct key and then the use of a bump key:

There are ways of combating against bump keys and then there are solutions for bump keys.  A solution to bump keying is a Medeco lock, they offer patented keyways that can be easily retrofitted into most existing hardware.  Medeco’s internal pins unlike a traditional lockset pin that rides in the valley of a key cut actually rides along the side of a cut.  Looking along the side of a Medeco key it might look like a traditional key with the cuts simply going up or down, yet if you are looking down on top of the key you will see that each cut in the key is on an angle.  The angle pins that sit on this key have to align not only vertically but horizontally along the second cut plane of the key.  The third layer of defense is that a sidebar has to engage with a small tab on all the pins in order for the lock to finally turn.  This is 3 layers of defense that have to align at the same time unlike the single plane of a more traditional lockset.  Here is a short flash demo from Medeco that helps to explain the technology that goes into one of these locks:

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