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Protect Your Stuff From Fire! Sentry Gets Put To The Test!

People are buying safes to protect there property and money in these tough economic times.

ABC News set 2 home safes on fire, A Sentry Safe HD4100 and a competitor model.

They locked up the same items in both safes.

  • A Thumb Drive
  • A CD and DVD
  • Paper Work
  • Money

Members from the phoenix fire department were on stand by for safety reasons.

Wooden pallets were setup to mimic a house fire.

Both boxes were burned for 10 minuets @ 1500 degrees, typical for a house fire.

When the competitor’s model was opened only ashes remained, the Money, DVD, and paperwork were gone!

As for the Sentry Safe, The concrete was pealed off and the safe appeared to seal it self shut during the fire. Fire fighters peeled it opened to find the paper’s money, DVD and thumb drive in tact. It doesn’t even look like the fire touched the items. Nothing is damaged or wet from the fire.

Sentry Safe conducts rigorous testing on their products!

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