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Redondo Beach Personal Security – 3 Bestselling Self Defense Videos

Self Defense Videos

Once you have made the decision to learn how to defend yourself, the next step is choosing your method of instruction. Though many people choose to attend physical classes, another option is to purchase a self defense video. Though instructional self defense videos aren’t necessarily an equal replacement for attending classes, they can help you to learn some of the basic self defense techniques. Here are three of the currently listed bestselling self defense videos.

I Am Not A Target! (2006)

This unique bestselling self-defense DVD focuses on defensive techniques for young children. Teaching children how to defend themselves can be a wonderful way to instill discipline, physical fitness and personal safety procedures at a young age. This DVD is only 49 minutes long, and is on a single disc. What makes this program unique is that it not only teaches children how to defend themselves, it also helps them to recognize common tactics used by criminals. Child molesters, kidnappers and pedophiles all have specific psychological profiles, which usually manifests in the methods they try to use to convince children to leave with them. “I Am Not A Target!” also teaches children how to defend themselves and escape, if they ever become involved in a physical confrontation. Due to the short length of this DVD, it can be used as an effective starting point for teaching children how to be safe.

Amazon Product Page: I Am Not A Target!

Complete Taekwondo Kicking (2002)

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses primarily on kicking. Taekwondo is currently the world’s most popular martial art, having more students than any other fighting style. “Complete Taekwondo Kicking” is a 90 minute DVD that covers everything from basic kicks, to black-belt-level kicking techniques. There is a variety of footwork demonstrated in this program, which is used for over 40 different kicks taught on this DVD. Each kick is displayed several times, in slow motion in order to ensure correct form. According to the customer reviews, the kicks in “Complete Taekwondo Kicking” are best for novice students of Taekwondo, being too easy for people who have progressed to more advanced levels. As a self-defense technique, Taekwondo emphasizes powerful form and avoiding damage.

Amazon Product Page: Complete Taekwondo Kicking

Krav Maga Personal Protection (2006)

Krav Maga is a method of hand-to-hand combat that was first developed in Israel. It emphasizes close contact, and is also sometimes called “Israeli Jiu Jitsu”. This particular instructional program is actually a 6-DVD set, designed to cover six different “belt levels”. The program’s instructor is Alain Cohen, who is a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces. Upon completing the program, you will have progressed all the way to “black-belt” Krav Maga. The program focuses more on the combative aspects of Krav Maga, with a high-density inclusion of many different techniques. Since Krav Maga isn’t designed to have different programs for people of varying physical fitness levels, some people may find this DVD program very challenging. According to some customer reviews of “Krav Maga Personal Protection”, the series doesn’t focus on production quality, instead taking a more rough-cut approach to teaching Krav Maga.

Amazon Product Page: Krav Maga Personal Protection

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