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Top 4 Reasons to Own a Home Safe – Manhattan Beach Locksmith

Do you have jewelry or other valuables that you wish to secure, but not a lot of funds to spend? A home safe can be an affordable option to provide the concealment and security you desire. Below are a few of the top reasons for owning a safe to protect your valuables.

1. Light to Medium Security

The key reason to buy a home safe is for light to medium security. In this case, you may have jewelry, cash, documents, or other valuables that you simply wish to keep out of view. A home safe is effective in concealing these valuables, and you can take this a step further by having a hidden safe. A hidden safe, such as an in-floor safe concealed with a rug, or a wall safe concealed with a mirror or picture, provides enough concealment that it will more than likely be overlooked by a potential thief.

2. Prevent “Snatch and Grab” Burglary

Most home break-ins are what could be considered the quick “snatch and grab” burglary. During a snatch and grab burglary, the thief enters your home by breaking in through a door or window, scans for items that are valuable but easy to carry out (jewelry, home theater equipment), collects, and then leaves the premises as quickly as possible. Storing your valuables in a home safe can help prevent this type of burglary, due to the time it would take to either break into the safe or remove it from the home.

3. Small, Affordable and Cost-efficient

Home safes are ideal for those who are budget-conscious, but have valuable items that need to be secured. The smaller size of a home safe is perfect for those who don’t need much space to store their valuables, or those with smaller living spaces. While the small size is convenient, one must keep in mind that if the safe is small and lightweight, it is also can be easily removed from the home. To prevent this, it is often a good idea to bolt down a lighter safe to more fully secure it.

4. Fireproofing

Many home safes provide excellent fire protection. Most home safes can protect your valuables from the intense heat of a fire for up to 30 minutes. Although, with many fires lasting potentially much longer than 30 minutes, one should consider investing in a safe with at least one hour of fireproofing.

While the above are excellent reasons for buying a home safe, you may find that your security needs exceed what a home safe can provide. In this case, we would recommend moving up to an office safe or a fire and burglary safe, which we will cover more in the future.

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