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While shopping for a home safe, consider the reasons you are looking for a safe. Many of the features you look for prevent the potential thief from gaining access to your safe, but what if the thief could never locate the safe in the first place? This is why hidden or concealed wall safes can be an extremely effective option for securing your valuable items.

Wall safes are designed to be mounted between two studs on an existing wall in your home. Installation is fairly simple, and different sizes are available depending on what you are looking for. To conceal the wall safe, simply hang an inconspicuous picture over the safe. The key to this is making sure that the picture and the area around the safe does not look out of the ordinary compared to their surroundings.

Wall safes also have a couple of clear advantages over traditional home safes. Firstly, these safes can be placed anywhere in the home that where there is adequate wall space. Also, one does not have to determine a suitable “hiding” place for the safe, because in the case of a hidden safe, it can be located anywhere in the home. But, overall, the main draw of a hidden safe is that a potential thief will be unable to even locate the safe.

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