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WARNING – Don’t be Fooled by Recluse Knock-off!

We have just discovered that two different companies; one Chinese, one American, are advertising a product similar to our SleuthGear Recluse Tissue Box. While they appear to be using a picture of our product, their product is not nearly as good as the actual Recluse. Take a look at this actual picture of the knock-off:

You can see the big hole in the side for the camera. This is not covert at all! Our SleuthGear Recluse Tissue Box is the only truly covert, total box camera/dvr system of its kind and KJB Security Products is the exclusive distributor. These other companies are using our good reputation to promote a cheap, badly designed product. Don’t be a sucker to their dishonesty! Be alert to knock-offs and buy the best from KJB Security Products.